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Badge with 3 Super Bright Amber LEDs

The 350Zís "three squares" have been enhanced on factory Z side emblems / badges with the addition of three super bright amber LEDs.  

Everywhere you look on your 350z you will find three squares. They are on the front bumper side marker reflectors, the sill plates, and even the factory wheel spokes on the 17" and 18" Track. The Z emblem have them also, but they just don't show up. I've added three amber LEDs to each Z Emblem behind the signature square. You can hook them to your turn signals or parking lights for a great custom look. 

These ultra small LEDs are not your typical LEDs. They are reliable and rugged and have a long life - solid state reliability.  

Each LED has an incredible typical brightness of 3500 mcd for a total of over 10,000 mcd in each emblem. 

Each LED has been securely attached and all connections are soldered and epoxy coated to prevent concerns when driving in the rain.

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