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The Original Z-Enterprises Earth Ground Kits are Available in Three Stunning Colors..

There are many theories on the effectiveness of an ďEarthing Grounding Kit" or "Earth Ground Kit.Ē Some believe there is too much Electromagnetic Interference for the engineís computer to operate at peak efficiency. Increased grounding can improve performance at high RPMís, reduce rough idling, improve fuel mileage and decrease stereo interference. Some big name aftermarket performance suppliers sell similar grounding kits so there must be something to this improved grounding.

Before I began building a better grounding system I wanted to make sure it was worth doing. So I set out to test it on my 2003 Nissan 350Z. The best way to compare a performance modification is to make a chassis dyno pull before making the modification to get a baseline and then make another pull under as close to identical conditions as possible. There were 8 other 350Zís dynoing the same day I did, so I knew I would have a good sample of 350Zís to compare my numbers against. I have the 5 speed automatic transmission so I knew I would have some losses compared to the manual transmission Zís. But there was one other automatic to compare with as well. All of the 350Zís made more horsepower with each pull as the tires heated up and the oil thinned out. This was as I expected.

Before my first pull I disconnected the grounding kit from the battery, the chassis and the engine.

After the first pull I reinstalled the grounding kit and did another pull.

As the charts show, I had an increase of 3% or 6 horsepower. I canít say you will get the same increase but I have noticed a smoother idle and little more quickness at the top end.

Before you get excited and start buying, we should dig a little deeper. All of the 350Zís tested that day had an increase in horsepower between pull 1 and pull 2. But none of the other cars had an increase of 3%. The other 350Z's averaged 1.4%. So in theory the grounding kit added over 1.6% more horsepower on my car. That would equate to an increase of 3 horsepower. Not bad for such a minor modification. Besides the big wires and gold terminals look great under the hood.

I sell Silver, Red, or Dark Blue, sets direct. You can use PayPal to purchase using a credit card. If you have not used PayPal before, you can register (its Free) and then complete the sale.

Why buy a universal set when you can have one that is custom designed for an exacting fit.

bulletI use high strand count Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) 4 gauge wire.
bullet    Universal kits use less effective 6 or 8 gauge wire.
bulletI use 24KT gold plated terminals.
bullet    Universal kits use less effective non-gold plated terminals. 
bulletI supply full color photo instructions that walk you through the installation from start to finish. 
bullet    The universal kits only have generic installation instructions and cable lengths that were not designed specifically for your car.
bulletI heat shrink all cable ends before installing the decorative vinyl boots (Red cables get a red boot all others are black).
bulletI remove the cable company's logo from the cable to give a cleaner look.
bulletI provide the 18-8 Stainless Steel bolts, washers and nut so you donít have to hunt for the right ones and you donít get any that will break off easily.
bulletI stamp a cable number on each terminal end to make installation a breeze.
bullet    No ugly printed labels on the cables.
bulletI even provide the cable ties.
bulletI ship USPS priority mail so you get it quickly. 

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